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Finding or replacing a breakroom refreshment solution, including the right service provider, can be daunting. It has to be done right the first time to keep your employees safe and happy. But how do you ensure you make the right decisions on design, fixtures, technology, appliances, and service providers?

Breakroom Resources™

The Experts In Designing Refreshment Solutions With You

Our goal is to make your job easier. We partner with you to take the guesswork out of designing a space with the engaging customer experience elements you're looking for and with selecting a refreshment services provider.


Spaces designed, problems solved, and relationships created

between professionals like you and service providers in your area.

5 Simple Steps

Take a look at the 5 steps below that we take to create a solution customized for you.


Together we define your business goals for this project and help you meet them. We begin to define the consumer experience you'd like to create and move to the next step.


We discuss what goes into creating an engaging experience and implement the key elements that turn your space into a place that people want to be!


We review the physical space and define the challenges and opportunities it presents.


We bring the space to life through 3D and Virtual Reality programs, in a collaborative way with you.


We discuss who will provision your new space. Will it be you or will we begin the process of pairing your wish list with the most qualified service providers in your area?

Getting Started

You want to provide a refreshment solution and experience for your employees that makes the breakroom a sought-after destination...now what?

We Work With You

Industry experts with more than 7,000 projects in their portfolio work to provide solutions that best match the needs of your organization.

Decisions Made Easy

How can you be sure you are making the right decision regarding design, equipment, the service provider and the technology they are using?



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Breakroom Solutions is the expert that

professionals like you have turned to over 5,000

times for collaborative leadership when creating refreshment destination spaces and engaging experiences for their employees and customers.

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Breakroom Resources.

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We've been on-site in some of the worst possible scenarios, and we've turned those into success stories! We have been developing refreshment solutions and customer experiences with professionals like you and the refreshment service providers that service locations like yours, for over 15 years. Using our time-tested process it's Simple, Fast, and Flexible and can work for anyone.

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